About Us

Swim Skins Pte Ltd is a design house that creates unique collections of distinctive swimwear for the discerning customer. Stylish prints in carefully selected colours are fashioned into cleverly cohesive ranges. Luxurious but durable fabrics with high UPF ratings are used to ensure comfort and protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Sun safe has never looked so good.
The Les petits Collection has been lovingly designed for the most precious members of your family. Catering specifically for your babe’s first foray into the wonderful world of water, the Les petits Collection combines style and comfort with crucial sun protection of UPF 50+. Made with luxurious but durable fabrics, the Les petits Collection has been created to mould and grow with your babe’s evolving personality and physical form.

The Les petits for Baby Boys’ sun tops have chunky plastic zips at the back for easy dressing and undressing with a protective flap for added comfort. The coordinated swimming trunks are cut to accommodate swim nappies without restricting movement, and we all know how those Baby Boys like to move! The fun prints reflect the active nature of these future masters of the land and sea! The Les petits Collection for Baby Girls offers a choice of a girlie twin set or a chic all in one piece. Both have the same convenient and safe, plastic zip up backs styling. Clean prints with classic and feminine designs encapture the essence of these future sirens of the oceans and pilots of fashion.

The Lucie Collection has been specially designed for the young mademoiselle with an eye for all things pretty or beautiful. Delighting in sandcastle creations, the rainbow colours of coral reefs and the pristine waters that glisten off distant white shores, she has a distinctive style of her own.

The Lucie Collection offers this enchanting girl the opportunity to express her emerging feminine flare through a carefully coordinated range of Halterkinis, Tankinis, Swimsuits and Sun Protective Swimwear. Whether in a girlie mood or filled with a tomboyish sense of adventure, she will find an outfit and a look which reflects her fashion statement du jour.

The Lucie Collection uses quality fabrics, which are soft yet durable and, most importantly, provide crucial protection against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on delicate young skin. All Lucie swimwear has a UPF rating of 50+.

The Oscar Collection has been specifically designed to for the boy whose active life is full of unexpected adventure! This growing lad’s day moves rapidly from fun in the sun, to sliding down slides and dive bombing into pools. He is a boy with energy, character and attitude. He has a style of his own.

The Oscar Collection caters for all aspects of this young lad’s range of needs by providing a variety of swimmers to suit every shape, function, look and comfort preference. Each set of coordinated swimmers has a universal sun top which completes the statement.

The Oscar Collection uses fabrics which are durable, comfortable and most importantly with a UPF rating of 50+ to provide vital protection for young and vulnerable skin.

The Giselle Collection has been specially designed for the changing lifestyle and attitude of the teenage girl as she blossoms into a young woman. This young lady is feminine and gentile whilst also bursting with energy and joie de vie. Her taste in fashionable swimwear varies from demure to adventurous and from fun to funky.

The Giselle Collection allows this emerging young woman to express her chameleon nature and create a variety of individual looks. Fresh and crisp prints in vibrant, clean colours are carefully chosen. These are then cut into a selection of styles designed to fit all body shapes and can be mixed and matched according to today’s chosen activity or mood. Many of the bikini pieces are reversible, offering an even greater variety of fashion statements for her to make.

The Giselle Collection also provides crucial protection against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on delicate youthful skin. All of the Giselle Collection has a UPF rating of 50+.

The Byron Collection is being designed for the new gorgeous teen on the block. This highly individual young man has a unique look and is a pathfinder not a follower. His choice in swimwear is the same. Stylish, funky prints on luxurious but durable fabrics, cut into swim shorts and sun shirts which can move from jet ski, to speed boat and from surf to beach volleyball. Watch this space, the tide will be coming in soon.
The Kate Collection has been exclusively designed for the woman who is equally at home yachting on the Mediterranean, as she is diving in the Caribbean or enjoying the luxury of a peaceful tropical hideaway.

The Kate Collection reflects this woman’s feminine sense of style, using sophisticated prints, in rich colours on luxurious microfibre fabrics. Each elegant piece of swimwear has been especially designed to flatter the female form, with flat forgiving seams and clean lines.

The Kate Collection offers you the ability to create your own individual look. You choose the swimsuit, bikini top or bottom which best compliments your silhouette from a diverse selection of styles, most of which are fully reversible giving you even more flexibility.

The Kate Collection also ensures you are protected from the ravages of the sun with our sleek sun tops. All our swimwear has a high UPF rating.

The Monty Collection is being designed for the man with a sleek, suave and contemporary style. Confident and sophisticated, this man is at the top of his game and his choice of Swimwear reflects that. The Monty Collection will compliment his image whether on a yacht berthed in Monaco, on a beach in Thailand or deep sea fishing in the waters of Fiji. Watch this space.